Mr Scan Ltd Finds a New Home: A Journey from Garden Cabin to Historic Oast House




After 16 years of dedicated work and innovation in the cozy confines of a garden cabin studio, Mr Scan Ltd has embarked on an exciting new chapter in its history. We are thrilled to announce our move to a larger, more inspiring space in a Grade II listed Oast House in Farnham. This relocation not only marks a significant milestone in our company’s growth but also holds sentimental value, as the new studio is housed in the very building where our founder, Stuart Knight, conducted video engineering training back in the 1990s. It truly feels like we’ve come full circle, returning to our roots in a space rich with history and memories.


The Garden Cabin Era:

For over a decade and a half, Mr Scan Ltd has thrived within the confines of a humble garden cabin studio. This small but mighty space witnessed countless hours of hard work, creativity, and collaboration. From its unassuming beginnings, the garden cabin became the birthplace of many innovative projects, and it played a crucial role in shaping the identity of our company.


Outgrowing the Cabin:

As the years passed and Mr Scan Ltd continued to evolve, it became evident that the garden cabin, which had served us so faithfully, could no longer contain our expanding ambitions. The need for a larger, more dynamic space became apparent as we took on more projects, welcomed new team members, and embraced the challenges of an ever-growing business landscape.



The Historic Oast House – Mead Lane, Farnham:


Our new studio, nestled within a Grade II listed Oast House in Farnham, represents more than just a physical expansion. It’s a step into a space brimming with character and history. The Oast House, known for its distinctive conical roofs, is a testament to Farnham’s rich architectural heritage. As we settle into this charming and unique environment, we can’t help but feel a deep sense of connection to the past.

The history of ‘The Oast House’ can be found on this link “Oast House, Mead Lane”


A Homecoming for Stuart Knight:

The significance of our new studio goes beyond its historical charm. For Stuart Knight, our company founder, this move is a nostalgic homecoming. The Oast House is the very place where Stuart conducted video training in the 1990s with G2 Video Systems, laying the groundwork for what would later become Mr Scan Ltd. Returning to this familiar space brings a sense of continuity and a reminder of the journey that has led us to where we are today.

Looking Forward:

As we unpack boxes and set up our new workspace, the excitement for the future is palpable. The historic Oast House provides a backdrop that inspires creativity and innovation. With more room to grow, collaborate, and innovate, Mr Scan Ltd is poised to reach new heights in this chapter of our journey.
In conclusion, our move to the Grade 2 listed Oast House in Farnham is more than just a change of address—it’s a symbolic embrace of our past, a celebration of growth, and a commitment to a future filled with exciting possibilities. We invite you to follow our journey as we continue to scan new horizons and make history in our new home.