Our service is to scan the images to digital in the best way possible however if the image needs restoring then it is not something we generally carry out, we do carry out basic image restores as detailed below however we are primarily a scanning service.

The above restore example is included in our basic scanning charge

The image above is a 35mm slide taken around 40 years ago , the image on top is a standard scan which has faded over the years, this is how your slide projector will see the image. Click any image to see the full Mr Scan restore image.

Usually the photo restore is part of the scanning charge, we do offer some restore service however if a more deeper restoration is required such as large rips, large amount of marks etc then we are happy to look at it for you and give advice,  if its not something we can take on then we have a great local company who we work with and can highly recommend.

Restoring digital images be take hours if not days of work on each image correcting every small detail, we do not offer this type of high level restore however we do recommend a company that do, you will be looking for a digital image restorer, we recommend a local guy who is spot on, where the average price is around £25 per image

Please email us with your requirements or ask for details of our local image restore guy.