You can now have your digital files downloaded straight to your computer over the internet.

It is very simple all you need to do is select the download option from the shipping section of our online shopping basket and your images will be available through a simple email link* on the day they are scanned. These links are secure and can ONLY be accessed by you.

This option is FREE, we don’t charge any extra for our download service, this also saves on any return shipping charges. Your originals will be kept in storage for one calendar month after the download email has been issue then disposed of.

If you do require your originals back just drop us an email and we will ship them back upon receipt of our standard shipping fee.

If you opted for the originals to be returned and you have not received them within 14 days of receiving your download link then please let us know.

Data is stored online for 14 days for you to download, if you require more time just ask, we don’t charge extra, and don’t forget we also store images for longer on our internal servers.

A file size limit sometimes occurs for downloading larger projects, in cases like this we highly recommend a USB stick.


Important Note: We use a third party file sharing system  for our download option. The software company that we use to store and send your images is secure and simple to use following the companies instructions for downloading files. We are not responsible for any technical support or issues caused with any third party company software, if you cannot use or run the software please email us and we will arrange for data to be posted out to you at our standard shipping rate.

For more information regarding this third party file upload website system please see the link to their website help page provided on the email we send you with the download link.



* If you have not received an email email link from us please check your junk mail folder