film guide

Confused as to what type of film you have, please see our easy guide below, click on the images for more information on each type.



35mm Mounted Slides

APS film Cartridge

35mm Filmstrip

Custom made glass mounted slides – 35mm  sized.

Medium Format film V Standard 35mm film

Medium format can be strip form, single cut or mounted, positive or negative, its all the same set price.

Disc film

126 Instamatic Film

110 Instamatic Film


If in any doubt over your film type why not just send us a photo and we will identify it for you.

Mr Scan disclaimer

Identifying film 

we clearly identify each type of different film that we scan on our website in means of photographic examples and clear size measurements (where applicable).

It is your responsibility to make sure that you send us the correct type of film as ordered online or quoted for, either by our website or over the phone.

We scan all film we receive and invoice for variations to the original order or quotation where required. So please double check you know what type of film you are sending us first, any questions simply email or call us for verification.