meet our team

Toni Greenway

Toni Greenway

“Loves her collection of budgies”

Toni joined the team in September 2016 on a marketing and business development role. Toni has a BA (Hons) in business and law.

In her spare time Toni can be found with her budgies, she has a large aviary where she cares for, rescues and breeds budgies.


Stuart Knight
Company Founder & Managing Director

“Car enthusiast and mobile DJ in his spare time”

Stuart started Mr Scan in 2007 when he realised that there were no companies out there that could offer that dedicated personal service to scan his collection of photographs, so he invested in the equipment and the rest is history.

Stuart has worked within the video and digital imaging industry since 1993. Having previously been involved in with digital image restoration for the CCTV industry working with police and government agencies, Stuart is more than qualified to look after all your digital conversion needs.

Stuart is a proud father of two and enjoys photography and DJing in his spare time.


Robert Knight
Operations Manager

“Loves football and managing his local kids football team”

Rob joined the team full time in 2014. He has a very keen eye on getting images just right.