The Oast House, Mead Lane Farnham the home of Mr Scan scanning services
Pile of VHS tapes ready to convert to digital by Mr Scan Scanning services
APS films negatives and photos ready to be scanned to digital by Mr Scan
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Negative film strip

At Mr Scan we scan anything to Digital


Hi, we are so glad you have found us. The internet is a big place and for you to visit our little corner of the web means everything to us ♥

The Oast House, Mead Lane Farnham the home of Mr Scan scanning services

We are a friendly trusted family run scanning studio based in a grade II listed Oast House in Farnham.

We scan almost anything you can imagine, from 35mm Negatives & Slides, CineFilm, APS Films, Audio tapes to Camcorder Tapes.


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APS films negatives and photos ready to be scanned to digital by Mr Scan
Pile of VHS tapes ready to convert to digital by Mr Scan Scanning services
Digital Scanning Studio

We believe that there is one word you need to know when choosing a company to scan your memories “Trusted” and we are truly that, but don’t just take our word for it check out our great customer reviews


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We do not ask for any payment up front, we invoice upon completion of the scanning

Ordering from us is easy,  just use our Simple Scanning Service (click above)

Mr Scan Simple Scanning option
Mr Scan Simple Scanning option
Mr Scan Simple Scanning option

‘Some things are too important to be left in the past or the loft’


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Video and Camcorder Digital Conversions

35mm Transparency Slide Scanning

35mm Negative/Positive Scanning

Advantix Film Scanning – APS 15/25/40

Digital Audio Conversions

8mm & Super8 Cine Film to Digital

Disc Film Scanning

Photo Scanning

Medium Format/Large Format 120 Scanning

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Why Us ?

I looked high and low for a business that could help me digitise a half century of family memories in the medium of negatives and photos of various shapes and sizes - I'm rather glad I found Mr Scan as they provide a great service at a competitive price - I've been using them and will continue to use them for my digitising needs and would definitely recommend!

Sacha Gavriloff Avatar Sacha Gavriloff
January 30, 2023

Courteous, professional transaction with a rewarding outcome. Many thanks.

Sandra and Brian Whyatt Avatar Sandra and Brian Whyatt
March 2, 2023

I recently had a large number of slides taken by my father in the 1950s and 1960s digitally scanned by Mr Scan. My sister and I are very pleased with the results. The photos could have been taken yesterday! The quality and professionalism of the company is outstanding with great communication throughout the process. I will certainly be returning with more slides soon. Thank you Mr Scan.

Robert Potter Avatar Robert Potter
November 16, 2023

♥ Trusted, Friendly & Passionate ♥

We are a family run professional image and video digitising studio giving you that personal touch.


All conversions are carried out by us in our studio, we do not subcontract, your films will not leave our sight.

‘Large enough to cope yet small enough to care’

Established in 2007

With over 30 years of experience working within the digital video and imaging industry digitisation is in our blood, archiving to digital is all we do and we do it well, this is why we can call ourselves experts in the field.

We offer that personal scanning service and take pride in every single conversion and we archive it professionally.

Professional Digital Scanning

Take a read of a blog by one of our customers

Chloe Bridge Blog

Professional Digital Scanning facebook reviews
Facebook Review – Oct 2022
“We needed photographs of my wife for her funeral Order of Service, but on a much shorter time than the routine 28 days.
Our down loading digital versions were available five days later and well before the printer’s deadline.
The slides were close to forty years old but the colours in the digital versions were as good as new.
Thanks David D”
Professional Digital Scanning

“Great service, great scans. I didn’t know where to turn when getting old images scanned for a new book. I thought I’d have to go to a London agency, pay a huge fee and wait for ages. That was until I found Mr. Scan via Google. Super service at a fair price” 

January 2023 – Andrew Smith RetroGP

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Read all about our scanning services

Many people have a box of old negatives stored with their photo albums that they plan to dig out one day. Unfortunately many stay in the same place under a layer of dust due the misconception that the process is too complicated or time consuming.

Intrusting Mr Scan with your films you can recover your forgotten memories store them and share them with others.

We scan image & video related media only, we do not bulk scan documents.

Our contracts include photo archiving for many county councils, universities, Walt Disney, celebrities, Mulberry, art galleries and doctors surgeries, scanning the entire stamp collection for Royal Mail, BBC, Marine life for the Scottish Government, Library and Archive Services for the Welsh Government and many more camera clubs and institutes throughout the UK and Europe.

We run a bespoke software/hardware setup that only us at Mr Scan use, we have designed it in house and nobody else uses it. This gives us a superior scan giving what photography expects have called the best quality scan possible.

Mr Scan has become a household name in the scanning industry and offers a wide range of services including: Photo scanning, slide scanning, APS film scanning, 35mm negative scanning, video and camcorder conversions to HD MP4, audio cassettes to MP3 and many more.

Using top quality equipment and the latest technology Mr Scan can turn your negatives or slides into high resolution digital images.

Simply send us your negatives or slides and they will be returned to you along with your images as a download link from our cloud storage, USB stick or CD/DVD disc.

The images you receive will have been colour corrected and image optimized to give you a clear high resolution image.

Send your APS film to us and we will deliver quality images to you at a fixed price regardless of the roll size. We can also scan a wide range of slides including un-mounted and glass mounted slides of all sizes.

To discuss your slide, film and negative scanning requirements call or email us.

Established in 2007 Mr Scan has provided high profile clients in the UK and Europe with a bespoke scanning service. For a professional, cost effective approach to slide, film and negative scanning choose Mr Scan.

No need to shop around , we offer the best prices in the UK for all our scanning service , if you find it cheaper there will usually be a catch such as lower quality scans.

If you do find a similar service cheaper than Mr Scan let us know and we will try to match the price or let you know where they differ to our service.

Unlike many part time companies online we are a registered company with full time staff members all based in our studio, we have invested in over £200,000 worth of professional scanning equipment, we do not use home domestic scanners that you can pick up in the back of newspaper or on Ebay for a few hundred pounds.

At Mr Scan we care about your digital scanned images.

Our feedback says it all.

Mr Scan so far
Mr Scan so far