8mm & Super 8 Cinefilm Digital Conversions


1920×1080 25fps

 Please see our example on YouTube below

Player 8 is actually our top scanning engineer Robert Knight in the 1980’s

Please note – Sometimes films many need to be physically split to be scanned.
Original films are often put a donor reel and will not be rewound, we put the reel through our system once to prevent any damage caused by rewinding on an old film onto a reel.
Professional film archive scanning of 8mm and super8 cine films to Digital download, USB or CD. High resolution digital capture scanning at low costs.



We convert 8mm and Super 8 CineFilm to Digital using our latest film scanners

We provide an MP4 download version of the video file or on a USB Stick (selectable in options)

3″, 5″ or 7″ size reels

8mm or Super 8 format only

No audio

We scan at 1080p HD format direct to digital.

With 8mm/super8 cinefilm there are 3 reel sizes as below:

3 Inch 50ft Cinefilm MP4 Download (8mm & Super 8)  (7.6cm)
5 Inch 200ft Cinefilm to MP4 Download (8mm & Super 8)  (12.7cm) 
7 Inch 400ft Cinefilm to MP4 Download (8mm & Super 8) (17.8cm) 


New for 2023 is our new image capture Super 8 cinefilm service.

Only available for Super 8 cinefilm, capture your film in an even higher quality than our standard service every single frame captured in HD 4K MP4.

Click the image to view a sample clip.

Digital Scanning Studio
Super 8 CineFilm Conversion:

Added audio track

 As most cinefilm do not come with any audio we can now add a custom audio track to your film using our new Pioneer DJS-1000 sample unit, we can add musical sound tracks or sample sound effects from our extensive range of over 10,000 sound effects. For example if the scene is at the beach we can add authentic beach sounds. As this type work can be complex and vary in time we charge per hour of time in our studio, please discuss this service with us.


We do not convert any other type of reel to reel video

Audio on cine-film is very rare indeed, if however your cine-film does contain audio it can not be processed with our system, you will still receive video only.