Mr Scan Simple Scanning option

It’s so simple to send your films to Mr Scan

 No upfront payment required

Simply just send your films to us with contact details including an email address and we will do the rest.

 That’s it, very Simple !

To make sure you don’t miss any details we recommend that you download and print our order form (Below).

In order to obtain a rough price for your scanning please use our website checkout system and simply tick the “Pay once project is complete via email invoice” option.

An email invoice will be sent upon completion

Roughly count up all your slides or negatives then simply box them up and get them sent to us using our simple scanning service. You don’t need to be exact with your counting as the scanners will give an accurate number once complete. Just roughly so you will have an idea of the overall cost once complete. If you are unsure of any type of film please use our film guide or ask us for help.

Note – all items sent in for scanning will be invoiced once complete, we do not count any material received to provide quotations our website is all se up to provide this for you, or ask us for an email quotation prior to ordering.

Please download and print our order form and address label below:

No printer not a problem, a hand written note with contact details is fine.

Minimum order value is £5

Mr Scan Price List